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ALL proceeds from this non-profit book will benefit children, parents, teachers, and low-income families through the educational outreach of Tandem Life Books.

You are 16. A junior in high school. And now… you’re pregnant.  
The Wobble:  Teen, Pregnant, and Courageous is based on real-life events of overcoming the unexpected.  In the pages of this short graphic novel, the reader is sure to find at least one reason not just to survive but to live. The theme of “courage and writing your destiny despite your circumstances,” permeates its pages.  Whether you are a teen, a parent of a teen, or mentor working with teens, the contents of this book are sure to provide hope amidst the challenges of teen pregnancy.

About The Author

Yani Alfonso, Ed.S.

   Yani Alfonso enjoys teaching English Language Learners in her middle school Literacy Connections Classes.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Teaching Additional Languages, and an ED.S. Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Her husband of 40+ years has been her tandem partner in all of her endeavors.  He was an anchor early in their marriage when she was a student, teen mom, and wife. They are blessed with two loving, very well accomplished grown children and three grandchildren.  Yani’s life is an example of what it means to come out on the other side of poverty, pain, and turmoil, and succeed despite life’s circumstances.

     “Somewhere along the path of life, we must all find a way to step out of our comfort zone, choose others before self, to support and help someone else. "THE WOBBLE:  Teen, Pregnant, and Courageous," along with the Yani Alfonso YouTube Channel, with its mission of assisting parents, grandparents, and caregivers to grow their little readers and writers, is my step out of my comfort zone to support someone else.  My greatest joy comes from making a difference in the lives of others” ya.


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