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"Excellent read!!! The Wobble is a wonderfully deep story of which all teens should be able to relate. You are immediately drawn in through visualizing the perseverance and tenacity it took to walk off the bus at the beginning of the story. It is easy to foresee how students will be able to connect to the character's steadfast ability to wobble off the bus as a representation of any experiences of adversity. We all have growing pains, no matter how large or small, and this story is able to capture how difficult it is to walk through life-changing events and see something great on the other side." – Ashley Martin, M.S. – Teacher

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"Encouraging, inspirational - a story of a young lady who had the courage to keep doing what needed to be done in order to achieve her long-term goal, no matter how difficult.  It is the story of the joy of accomplishment, even with pain along the way." - Dr. Marilyn Mahabee-Harris – Clinical Psychologist
"A brave, strong character and a writing style that evokes a deep sense of empathy.  Yani writes such elegant and practical prose as she develops her character in a way that the reader feels like they are walking in her shoes on the very first page! The engaging, meticulous illustrations combined with the readable fashion of writing, make this a relevant read for preteens and teens.  This novel should be in every school media center in the country." -  Kamaria Muhammad – Teacher 
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